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TEDDY BEAR CLINICS is our new fun feature for on-site Fundraising Sales!
After 15 years in this business we changed our name from "Create-A-Buddy-Workshop" and created this new website "TEDDY BEAR CLINICS" so that:

Our clients/sponsors can customize their Event by choosing their own Theme for Events!...such as:

#1. Teddy Bear Children's Portrait Clinics (Children can have their picture taken with Plush Toy Animal)

#2. Teddy Bear Adoption Clinics (includes story telling)

#3. Teddy Bear Party Clinics (includes story telling, requires a group to register)

#4. Teddy Bear Literary Clinics (includes story telling & "NEW" CHILDREN'S BOOKS (SOME FREE CHILDREN'S BOOKS with purchase of stuffed animal)

Name of service 1


Name of service 2


Name of service 3

KIDS BOOKS at TEDDY BEAR CLINICS, to view book inventory with images just click on the links in the left-side column above the teddy bear with heart image.

Name of service 4

GALLERY of Children's Self-Portrait ARTWORK

We’d gladly to do a fundraising sale for the children, families & public you serve, but your organization will have to provide the venue/location for the sale:
1. If you have an event scheduled for MICHIGAN locations, in the near future that we could participate in, just let us know; if not, we’ll schedule a separate fundraising sale with your organization.
2. Online sales are another option for fundraising…
3. Or just put our link on your website and we’ll give your organization 10% of sales generated from your site.
During the cold seasons we would need an indoors space approx. 12’x12’ with a 30 amp outlet for the portable stuffing machine. In warmer weather we have an awning we could use outdoors if necessary.
Please send your name and email contact address to: teddybearclinics@gmail.com so that we can schedule a fundraising/benefit sale for your organization. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


TEDDY BEAR CLINICS is a service sub-web of RETRO ARTS SPIRIT CENTER: We worked with 501C3 organizations for over a decade (under a different business name) providing fundraising events.


Send mail to teddybearclinics@gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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